Artists' Charitable Fund

Providing assistance for artists in crisis. Annual August Art Auction

SUCCESS! - 2022 26th Annual Art Auction

To view paintings and sculptures sold at the auction please visit our 2022 Auction page.

This year's auction was a roaring success - when it started raining lightly, some of the crowd moved their chairs onto the stage with the artwork while those with umbrellas stayed put. The thunder and lightning only added to the excitement.

The crowd left with smiles on their faces and sculptures and painting in their arms. For the first time in the auction's history it brought in a little over $50,000 -- thanks to generous artists who donated original paintings and sculptures and generous buyers.

One highlight of the evening was a surprise for sculptor George Lundeen who started the Artist's Charitable Fund nearly thirty years ago and is the auctioneer: a 16" high bronze sculpture that looked exactly like him, created by a long time supporter, Paul Foley. Thank you to Paul for the great surprise for George, who is not easy to surprise!

A fun time was had by all!

~ Judy

The fund is a small nonprofit with a narrow focus of assisting painters and sculptors by paying a portion of emergency medical bills directly to the medical providers. The fund is legally not able to pay artists directly. If coronavirus has adversely affected your income, we are very sorry but please do not contact us to ask for financial assistance due to loss of income or for anything other than assistance with medical bills, fire or other disaster. Thank you for your understanding during this dificult time.

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Colorado based Artists' Charitable Fund assists visual artists, painters and sculptors living in the United States, who have been making a living from their art for at least five years - proven by providing copy of latest IRS filing by paying a portion of their medical / dental / eye-care bills. For example, the Fund has purchased a wheelchair, paid for eye surgery, provided funding for an artificial leg, paid partial medical expenses of several artists who have cancer, as well as other needs for medical assistance.

The Artists' Charitable Fund is recognized by the IRS as a 503(c) charitable organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, the Artists' Charitable Fund has paid nearly $500,000 in medical / dental bills for artists in crisis. Please join us at the annual August auction, which is the Artists' Charitable Fund's only fundraiser. This charitable fund provides assistance for artists in crisis. The annual art auction is always held the second Saturday evening of August - adjacent to the major sculpture shows in beautiful Loveland, Colorado.

If you are an artist (in the U.S.A.) who needs financial assistance because of medical, fire or other disaster, please EMAIL our coordinator, Judy Archibald.

George Lundeen
George Lundeen with "Red Grange"

George Lundeen, internationally known figurative sculptor who graciously serves as our Auctioneer is also President of the Board of Directors, which includes the following Board Members: George Lundeen - President; Members at large: George Walbye, Dan Glanz, Ralph Mullinix, Paul Hummel, Joshua Tobey and Georgia Torson.

All Board members are either artists or patrons of the arts, dedicated to helping artists who are facing unforeseen crisis.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing donations throughout the year and purchases of art at the annual auctions, in addition to your participation in this privately funded endeavor and gratefully acknowledge artists willing to donate art for these August auctions, as well as any person or business willing to contribute financially to the Artists’ Charitable Fund, which is designated by the IRS as a 503(c) charitable organization.

Fund Coordinator, Judy Archibald

Please mail your contributions to:
338 East 4th Street
Loveland, CO 80537
Checks payable to: Artists' Charitable Fund

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